Electrical Wiring Domestic 10th Edition By A J Coker and W Turner Book

Electrical Wiring Domestic 10th Edition By A J Coker and W Turner
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Electric Wiring: Domestic, Tenth Edition, is a clear and reliable guide to the practical aspects of domestic electric wiring. Intended for electrical contractors, installation engineers, wiremen and students, its aim is to provide essential up to date information on modern methods and materials in a simple, clear, and concise manner. The main changes in this edition are those necessary to bring the work into line with the 16th Edition of the Regulations for Electrical Installations issued by the Institution of Electrical Engineers.
The book begins by introducing the basic features of domestic installations and explaining the power and current ratings, cable and accessory sizes, and circuit protection; and the fitting of switches, fuses, circuit-breakers, etc. Separate chapters deal with the main types of domestic wiring work, including lighting, power, socket-outlets, and the connection of appliances. Fluorescent lighting and ‘off-peak’ electric heating systems are also covered. Subsequent chapters discuss the principal wiring systems available for domestic use, including steel and PVC conduit, PVC cable, and the mineral-insulated copper-sheathed system; the earthing requirements and the protective multiple earthing (PME) system which is being more widely applied; and earth-leakage circuit-breakers. The final chapter explains the inspection and tests required on completed installations, including the earth-fault loop-impedance and ring-circuit continuity tests which are now covered in greater detail in the Regulations.