Electromagnetic Foundations of Electrical Engineering By J A Brandao Faria

Electromagnetic Foundations of Electrical Engineering By J A Brandao Faria
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This "Electromagnetic Foundations of Electrical Engineering By J A Brandao Faria" book is available in PDF Formate. Downlod free this book, Learn from this free book and enhance your skills ...


The applications of electromagnetic phenomena within electrical engineering have been evolving and progressing at a fast pace. In contrast, the underlying principles have been stable for a long time and are not expected to undergo any changes. It is these electromagnetic field fundamentals that are the subject of discussion in this book with an emphasis on basic principles, concepts and governing laws that apply to the electrical engineering discipline.Electromagnetic Foundations of Electrical Engineering begins with an explanation of Maxwell’s equations, from which the fundamental laws and principles governing the static and time-varying electric and magnetic fields are derived. Results for both slowly- and rapidly-varying electromagnetic field problems are discussed in detail.

Key aspects:

  • Offers a project portfolio, with detailed solutions included on the companion website, which draws together aspects from various chapters so as to ensure the comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals.
  • Provides end-of-chapter homework problems with a focus on engineering applications.
  • Progresses chapter by chapter to increasingly more challenging topics, allowing the reader to grasp the more simple phenomena and build upon these foundations.
  • Enables the reader to attain a level of competence to subsequently progress to more advanced topics such as electrical machines, power system analysis, electromagnetic compatibility, microwaves, and radiation.

This book is aimed at electrical engineering students and faculty staff in sub-disciplines as diverse as power and energy systems, circuit theory and telecommunications. It will also appeal to existing electrical engineering professionals with a need for a refresher course in electromagnetic foundations.

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