Mechanical Engineering

Refrigeration Systems and Applications Second Edition By Ibrahim Dincer and Mehmet Kanoglu

Preface Refrigeration is an amazing area where science and engineering meet for solving the humankind’s cooling and refrigeration needs in an extensive range of applications, ranging from the cooling of electronic devices to food cooling, and has a multidisciplinary character, involving a combination of several disciplines, including mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, food engineering, civil engineering and many more. The refrigeration industry has drastically expanded during the past two decades to play a significant role in societies and their economies. Therefore, the economic impact of refrigeration technology throughout the world…

Industrial Refrigeration Handbook Stoecker By Wilbert F. Stoecker

Introduction Both air conditioning and industrial refrigeration have a common objective, cooling some substance. Both types of systems are constructed of common hardware compressors, heat exchangers, fans, pumps, pipe, duct, and controls. The predominant working fluids are air, water, and refrigerants. A refrigeration system is an integral part of both systems. While much is shared by both fields, there are enough differences in the systems, components, design practices, and business methods to justify the separate treatment of industrial refrigeration. By almost every standard, the size of the comfort air conditioning…

Handbook of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration By Shan K. Wang

Introduction A broad range of disciplines–energy conservation and air quality issues, construction and design, and the manufacture of temperature-sensitive products and materials–is covered in this comprehensive handbook * Provide essential, up-to-date HVAC data, codes, standards, and guidelines, all conveniently located in one volume * A definitive reference source on the design, selection and operation of A/C and refrigeration systems