Steel Corrosion Control Methods

Steel Corrosion control methods are essential to prevent damage and the failure of structures. 40% of failure of structures are by corrosion of inner steel. Steel corrosion control methods carry mostly in the structure that locates in coastal areas. And steel structures like tower transmission lines, cell phone towers, etc.

Steel reinforcement corrosion control methods

There are many causes of corrosion. It relates to the quality of concrete and quality of construction. The first step in corrosion of steel is to provide good quality of concrete. The quality of concrete materials, mixing and compaction and workmanship help to control the steel corrosion.

Steel reinforcement corrosion control methods

Quality in construction reduces corrosion. There are various methods, they are

Steel corrosion control methods

  • Cement-Polymer Composite Coated Rebars (CPCC)
  • Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Rebars (FBEC)
  • Corrosion Resistant Steel Deformed Rebars (CRSD)


It set in concrete surrounds by an alkaline medium. A cement base coating is more useful for steel corrosion control. Apply two coats of cement polymer on rebar.

Products in CPCC are:

  • De-rusting Solution
  • Alkaline Powder
  • Phosphating Jelly
  • Inhibitor Solution
  • Sealing Solution


Steel reinforcement corrosion control methods

It produces from 100% solid finely ground fuse powder particles. At heating, it melts to form an adherent film. There is no primer film provide in FBEC rebars. It makes a medium of weakness in the path of a bond between rebar and concrete.

Epoxy coats the rebar by

  • Melts
  • Flows
  • Gels
  • Cures
  • Cools
  • Stick to coat

Steel corrosion control methods


Corrosion begins with the formation of an initial layer of rust. On common rust on normal rebars, the CRSD rust is self-renewing. The protective oxide is fine texture, tightly stick and a barrier to moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide, Sulphur dioxide. And chloride prevents corrosion.

Steel corrosion control methods

Use corrosion resistance bars to prevent corrosion of concrete structures, damage, and failure of structures. This increases the strength and lifespan of structures.